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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Lazy Sunday.

Today is such a nice day! It's finally starting to feel like Spring. Today so far has been pretty lazy. Cj is still in his pajama's. I walked to Smith's and got some groceries for tonight, then I came home and cleaned the house like a crazy lady. 

My lap top died this week, it was very slow and everyone hated it, but I was sad. Friday Cj and I went to Costco and got a new lap top! It's really nice, and has a build in Web Camera woot woot. 

Nothing has really been going on this week. Just working and hanging out. My sister Haley came into work yesterday and she has strep throat :( and then I swabbed my mom's throat, and she has strep throat. I had to give them both shots, no fun. Luckily my strep test came back negative! 

Olive was sitting on the couch like this yesterday, Cj and I were cracking up.

She's my little hoodrat.

I have been missing my niece lately, isn't she so cute?

I got her that adorable bib, I couldn't help it. Whenever we go to the store I go through the baby stuff and look for things for Molly.

Hope everyone has had a great weekend! <3

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  1. Ugh strep throat is no fun! It was like spring today, I feel like because it was so nice this weekend that it will be so snowy and crappy next week! I hope not, I wish the snow would just go away. Olive is so cute, and your niece is too! I have a bad habit of buying my nephew (who isn't born yet) Little shoes and clothes whenever I see them... Sometimes I wish it was for my own baby, but I am not ready to be a mom! haha