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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Missing San Fransisco

For our honeymoon we went to San Fransisco. It was Cj's first time being there, and he loved it!
My cousin Jen lives in SF and let us stay at her little studio while we were there. The cool thing was she was able to take us out and show us all the cool stuff there.

One day Cj and I went on a little boat and went under the golden gate bridge and around Alcatraz. It was awesome!!

It was FREEZING! That day but was still really cool.

My cousin Jena and her BF came to visit us in SF and stay the night.

To end our trip we stopped at my cousin Karinne's house for the night and hung out with my cousins.

Oh and we can't forget Jena's little baby girl Attie!

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