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Friday, February 4, 2011

T.G.I.T. (Thank Goodness It's Today)

Another week... This week has been good, but long. I feel like I have hardly seen Cj since he started his full time job at Nuskin. Whenever I come home from work, he's ready to go to bed b/c he's so exhausted. Today is Jamie's birthday and we're going to Bombay house for dinner, so excited!

I have to have at least 2 pictures of Olive this week. Sometimes she can be a little special and sleep with her tongue out. 

 Then she can just be cute.

This week at work we've seen a lot of croup, and ever RSV (Respiratory syncytial virus). Yesterday I had this Kindergarten check to do on this little boy. Usually the 4-5 year olds are hilarious. I love seeing little 2 month old babies and then dealing with the kindergarten children. Anyways, yesterday I had this little 4 year old boy, and usually on Kindergarten exams you have to do hemoglobin, urinalysis, blood pressure, and a vision screening. So I told him "Ok now the next test is, we need to check your eyes." and he says "So your going to take my eyeballs out of my sockets and clean them?" I started to laugh and I said no you just cover your eye with this...

And he says "So I have to cover my eye with this teaspoon?" I guess it does look like a teaspoon, he was cracking me up. This is the snellen vision screening test that we have them tell us what they see.

He loved peeing in a cup, he thought it was fun. Oh kids. He was pretty upset with me after I gave him his shots, he was like "That was a big pokes!" All I can say is i'm sorry. I love my job and I love what I do. 

Last night I was the kids. I got a cute video of Cora, she's SUCH a cutie pie. I like how she acts like a monster baby.

Today I went to Zupas to catch up with an old friend. And I got the cutest dessert ever! Look how cute it was.

Look at the cute little chocolate stripped straw! It was so yummy, but super rich so I was only able to have a couple bites and the fruit on top. 

I hope everyone has a great Friday, and hopefully i'll be able to take some pictures tonight. :)

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