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Friday, May 18, 2012

My week

Monday I was able to go over to the Clayton's for some FHE. We had some yummy homemade pizza, and then did some gardening. Well I didn't garden. I helped by holding Jonas, while everyone else helped with gardening. I am a baby steal-er.

Here is Melissa and her little sister Becci doing some gardening. It was really hot that night!

Jonas is already getting so big! I absolutely just loved holding him and watching him sleep. He's such a sweet little guy. Until he gets hungry, then there's nothing I can do to help.

Cora and I were playing this game to pick which hand we had the little baby doll in before she went to bed.

My mom has been going through all of the pictures that she has when we were little. I came across A COUPLE of me sitting on top of Jena. Even though she's 10 days older than me, I guess I still would try to tell her who's boss.

Wednesday my mom took me and Krystal (and baby Krew) out to lunch at CPK. It was a lot of fun! I always enjoy seeing Krystal and of course Krew! He's such a little ham!

He was so cute, I sat in the back seat with him while we drove up to lunch. He kept giving me smiles and talked to me the whole way up.

I love this one! He's so precious, I just love babies.

Last night Cj and his buddies went fishing. I think fishing is SUPER boring. So I went over to my parents and got Sunny and I treated her to some Los Hermanos. One of my favorite Mexican restaurant's in Provo.

I could live off chips and salsa. Especially Los chips and salsa!

Today Sunny had her birthday party.Yes another birthday party! But with all of her friends. About 16 people showed up. She wanted to have pizza and pasta. Her two favorite things. So I decided to try out making some dough for once. It turned out yummy! And the dough wasn't even hard to make, like I thought it would be!

Corbin helped cut the olive's so he thought it would be cool to hold a knife in this picture. Weirdo.

The finished product! I tired making it heart shaped for May. I think it kinda looks like a heart! I am definitely making dough more often!

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