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Friday, May 11, 2012

May 2012

Sunny and Rocky in the backseat of my car.

Me laying out. This is what I like to do on my days off :)

Last weekend Cj said something really funny. I can't remember what he said. But obviously it was hilarious. 

Today Cj and I both had the day off! Yay. So we dropped Olive off at my mom's to go hang out with Rocky. We went over to Rubio's and had lunch. It was pretty good. Today was such a nice day! Then after lunch we went over to the Orem mall and got our mom's, (Or I got our mom's) stuff for mothers day. 

After lunch, and shopping, Cj needed a coffee. We went over to the starbucks right next to the mall and hung out outside. Like I said, today was a beautiful day. 

After our errands we decided to go see the kids at Matt and Melissa's house. It always fun for me to see kids, and hold a baby! We grabbed Olive and Rocky before we went over there. Cora is absolutely in LOVE with Rocky. She loves to run and chase him around. But her favorite thing to do is to hold Rocky. He's almost getting so big that she can't pick him up. But for now it's so cute when she hold him.   

This picture is really old, but I love this picture. I have it up in my makeup room on my magnet board. I see this picture everyday. Looking at this picture always makes me smile. I can be a daddy's girl, and I know my dad loves me. This picture is priceless.

Cj and his buddies played basketball last Sunday. I usually don't attend b/c it can be really boring for me. Come on, I have been watching basketball almost everyday for the last 5 months! But my friend Makel was going to be there, so of course I went so we could chat and the boys could play.

Monday I went over to my parents (While the Utah Jazz were losing.. Just saying.) My dad made me a chicken Caesar salad wrap. So good! My dad is great, especially at cooking.

Tuesday I got up for work and got ready. Olive was being such a little lazy bug. She would NOT get out of bed. She's wearing a onezie b/c she's been in heat for the last 2 weeks. But I told her she needed to go outside to go to the bathroom, and this is the face she gave me.

Happy 16th birthday Sunny! My mom took Sunny and I out to lunch for her birthday at Red Robin.  

Sunny and I on her birthday! 

For Sunny's birthday she wanted my dad to make chicken curry. So he made chicken curry and he made Sunny a homemade ice cream cake. Yes us Standefer's can be spoiled on our birthdays :)

Violet and her three kittens. She has been going strong with breast feeding them for 4 weeks now! Go violet. The kittens are so stinking adorable.  


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