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Monday, February 7, 2011

Monday, Monday.

For some reason the last couple days have been hard for me. I have been very moody, and irritated. Sometimes I get like this and I take it out of the ones I love the most. I don't know what's wrong with me. I need to have a better attitude towards everything. But it's harder to just say that.

When I took Cj to work this morning, Olive pooped on the rug in the living room, diarrhea. Then she did it 4 more times, once right in front of me! Then of course when I took her outside to go to the bathroom she didn't.

Partly b/c Mr. Miyagi was outside following Olive around.
Work was hectic, just like any Monday, right? I'm just having one of those days, but I need to snap out of it! Instead of thinking of things negatively I need to look at the positive side. Does anyone have any suggestions?

I just wish I was a kid again :(

This is my cousin and I Jena (She's 10 days older than me) Can you tell which one is me? Of course, the one with hardly any hair. Life was so simple then. I totally wish I still had those Ariel pajama's!

Hope everyone is having a good Monday.

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  1. I'm feeling the same way!! That sucks that Olive pooped on your rug, puppy diarrhea is the freaking worst to clean:( I hope you have a better day tomorrow!