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Saturday, February 19, 2011


Let's see I don't blog much, b/c really my life is not that exciting. It's been nice lately Cj and I have been spending some more along time together. On Wednesday there was a jazz game and Olive loves when Cj's friends come over, b/c she get's a lot more attention. She goes to her toy box and has to bring every single toy out that she has so people will play with her. Anyways, it was funny b/c she kept loving on Cj's friend Aldric, she kept sitting on his lap, kissing on him and it was making Cj so jealous.

Thursday Cj and I worked all day. Now that Cj works full time I have to go home on my lunch break and let Olive out, so she doesn't do the dirty deed in my house. So for Valentines day Cj made us a pizza and I had just bought crust that had 2 crusts in there, we only needed one. So the crust was on top of the microwave and when I got home at my lunch to let her out, she freaking tried to jump up to the microwave and get it down! She can jump super high supposedly. 

She didn't get it off but she sure did try. Stinker.

But look how cute she is, it's hard to be mad, or stay mad at her.

Yesterday I was so excited b/c I was able to get my hair colored and trimmed. I love getting my hair colored it always just makes me feel better. I am a blonde but Cj always wants me to go dark, he likes dark hair, why did he marry me? So I decided to get a lot of peek-a-boo dark put in my hair. My hair on top is still blonde, but underneath it's dark, at least really dark for me. It's something different, and it's growing on me. I like it.

Got to see baby Cora today, I kept putting glasses on her b/c she looked so cute with them on :)

She's such a sweet girl. 

I hope everyone is having a great weekend!!


  1. I love your hair! It looks gorgeous girl:) Your puppy is so adorable too. I hope that you and Seej are having a good weekend!

  2. Thanks girl! Your so sweet. Thanks for leaving me comments too. Your pups are adorable too.

  3. Char! I love your blog...It is so nice to hear your updates. Your hair looks great and you look beautiful! Olive on the other hand...sounds like trouble.