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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Off Day.

Today I am having an off day. I don't know what's wrong. I woke up in an ok mood, took a bath got ready went to my mom's. After I was at my mom's I just got in this really bad mood and really irritated by everyone and everything.

I drove my mom around to help her do her errands, bad idea if your not in a good mood. I just feel like all day i've been rushed, driving around and everything has made me so irritable. I'm trying really hard to stop getting in to these kinds of moods, but sometimes it's just really hard.

Being married is not easy. I thought once I got married that everything would be perfect and that I would be a much happier person. Let me just tell you it's rough. You have to deal with growing up, and growing up freaking sucks! I feel like I have hardly seen Cj since he started full time. Seriously, I see him before I go to bed, and it's a good night and that's it. I know working full time can be exhausting, so when he gets home he's just tired, then I get home from work and i'm tired and we don't really ever do anything, I guess that's part of being married? I'm happy i'm with Cj, i'm just having a hard day and needed to vent. Life can be hard, I know, I just need to keep my chin up.


Last night my mom left this little guy on my door step.

I named him Todd.

Here's Cj and Sammy hanging out on Sunday when we have Sunday dinner with my family.

At least Olive had a good day in her granny print flower shirt hahaha.

Today was such a pretty day, it felt like springtime, finally!

I hope everyone is having a good week. Sorry for the venting post, tomorrow will be a different day, and a better day.

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