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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Utah Jazzzzzzzz.

The last couple days I have been in a lot better mood, thankfully. I think I was just having a hard day on Wednesday. Yesterday I worked and I was happy it wasn't too busy, I always stress it's going to be really hectic. Then we went to my mom's house and Cj got bossed around by my little sister Sunny to make her top ramen and I took a nap. My mom and I watched a Sundance film, it was really good. It's called "My Flesh and Blood".

Of course there was a jazz game last night, there's a jazz game like every night I feel like sometimes. It was nice though it was just Cj and I hanging out watching the game, even though I don't watch it.

He get's very into the games. He is a total jazz fan, but I love him.

Olive was being so weird last night, she kept wanting to play and be annoying during the jazz game. But look how stinking cute she is! She is my baby.

I've been really missing my cousins lately. My whole family lives in California, I think I need a vacation there soon. It's been nice, I skyped with my cousin Jena the other night, it's kind of like we're really hanging out, but not really? It's fun, I miss her.

I have also been missing my sweet niece! This last week at work I've had two babies come in that have looked just like her, and weigh as much as her! haha

Hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday. It's laundry day for me, yay ;)

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