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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Under Cover of Darkness

The Stroke released a new song from their new album and I am in love with it! You should listen to it, it's very catchy.
Under Cover of Darkness

This last Tuesday we went and ate at The Pie in Salt Lake City. So yummy! We had a surprise party for our friend Justus, he had no idea we would be there. It was a lot of fun. Congrats Justus for finishing school in Arizona, and good luck in New York City!

Last night Cj went to a Jazz game with his buddies and I went to a "slumber party" It was a lot of fun! They had some neat stuff ;) But when I got home, Olive had decided to go dumpster diving in our garbage! She has such a greasy face in this picture!

It looks like i'm chocking her in this picture, but i'm not, she just wouldn't stay still for me to take a picture of her greasy face.

Today after work Cj and I hung out at my mom's. My dad has 2 chickens, Rouge and Bruce. They are ALWAYS standing right up against the glass of the slider and I always feel bad for them. So I let them in the house just for a couple minutes.

That's Rouge, she's Sunny's Chicken and she's very friendly.

It was so funny yesterday, Olive loves sitting on the couch where the window is so she can people watch and sit in the sun. She's such a sun girl! But she was sitting on the couch in the sun and she was falling asleep sitting up, I was cracking up.

Look how freaking adorable she was when she was a puppy! I miss her being a puppy!

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!

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